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The Wall House

Project: The Wall House
Design Year: 2015
Program: 4,400sf Single Family Residence
Beinfield Project Team: Bruce Beinfield FAIA, James Wassell, Colin Grotheer

The waterfront site is located at the edge of an industrial zone in Norwalk Connecticut, and adjacent to a nature preserve on an estuary of Long Island Sound. The house is conceived as a wall between the natural and man-made, having a dialog with the neighboring abandoned factory buildings, and opening up to the pristine natural environment of the estuary.

Entry to the site is via a curving drive bordered by a 10 foot high corten steel sheet wall which winds 200 feet as a Serra like form in the landscape, providing visual separation between the site and its industrial neighbors. This wall terminates in a shed which is the counterpoint to the 22 foot wide by 88 foot long wall which encloses the 3 bedroom residence within. The weathering corten steel skin of the structure possesses organic properties which speak to the natural world and the rusty industrial ruins. The top of the wall, (roof) is vegetated with the family herb garden, and native grasses. A pool provides a visual connection to the water beyond.

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