About This Project

Restaurant /

Can Tiin

Completion Year: 2015
Beinfield Project Team: Bruce Beinfield FAIA, Mark Goodwin AIA, James Wassell

Since Vietnam was first colonized by the French, the relationship between the people of France and Vietnam has been volatile. The world has gained a remarkable cuisine as a result of the melding of the cultures, and the ingredients of conflict. The Vietnamese history of oppression and revolution, and their quest for freedom is honored in this design by black noodle canopy that provides shelter to diners, are infuses the space with the chaos. The free noodles are subjugated in this design by a wooden ceiling shackle that forces them into a ridged order. At the end of every noodle is a source of light, thus illuminating the history of this ancient land. The constant battle of chaos versus order that animates the world in which we live is honored by this architectural gesture. The Viet Cong wore black. In Vietnamese culture the red floor color represents love, luck, and celebration. The bar top is crafted from the recycled wood of many trees, mixed together, symbolizing the mixing of the cultural flavors. The long grain vertical fir on the walls provide an organic element that is born of the earth.

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