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Edgewater & Nearwater Cottages

Completion Year: 2002
Program: Single Family Residence
Beinfield Project Team: Bruce Beinfield FAIA, Jonathan Wagner AIA, Michael Gorski, Tricia Izzo
General Contractor: D.M. Brown Builders
Interior Designer: Beinfield Architects PC
Landscape Architect: Wesley Stout Associates
Structural Engineer: David Seymour, PE

Awards & Honors:
2003 American Institute of Architects, Connecticut Chapter
Alice Washburn Award – Honorable Mention

2002 American Institute of Architects, Connecticut Chapter
Award for Design Excellence – Residential

Located on two small sites divided by a narrow public lane, the mirror-image facades of the main house and guest house create a dialogue, solve the problem of unifying the composition, and change the scale of the project to that of an earlier era. The exterior of the home reflects the historic context of the seaside community in which the house resides, while the interiors are designed with a modern family in mind.

The simple forms, frugal use of glass, white-painted shingles and steeply-pitched roofs are all drawn from New England vernacular architecture, while the cupola shapes are inspired by neighboring Sheffield Island Lighthouse.

Edgewater Cottage, located closest to the water is a larger, more simple volume that contains the major living areas and bedrooms which are located off of the cupola-lit stair hall, while inland Nearwater Cottage, is composed of smaller volumes and contains the garage, guest room and home office. The spaces in the main dwelling are arranged to maximize views of the water, making the Sound ever-present to the inhabitants. An edgeless reflecting pool also helps to join the two sites and connect the land to the water.

Behind the traditional façade, unexpected industrial materials such as steel, concrete and fiberglass are mixed with hand-finished Venetian plaster, glass mosaic tile, and dark wood finishes to create an interior that is both edgy and warm, hard and sensual. Old World and New are liberally combined to create an intimate and luxurious seaside retreat.

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