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Fairfield Metro Apartments

In Progress: 2016
Program: 81,880 SF, Multi-Family
Beinfield Project Team:Bruce Beinfield FAIA, James Wassell, Colin Grotheer

The design of Fairfield Metro Residential is distinctly modern, complementing the cutting edge design of the neighboring corporate office park. FMC contains 197 luxury rental apartments with its own swimming pool, on a gracious exterior landscaped deck. Additional amenities include a fitness center, club room and screening room. The project has a total has a total of, 131 I-bedroom units, and 66 2-bedroom units (for a total of 263 bedrooms) in a five story structure over parking garages.
Resident parking for 258 cars is hidden and protected in two basement levels. Visitor parking is provided along the road by the buildings dramatic atrium lobby. The exterior design maximizes sustainability and green building design, which will keep operating costs low, and conserve natural resources.
The main facade materials will be smooth finish fiber-cement panels with a contrasting pattern of panels that have a blonde wood grain appearance. The non street facade will be of a similar finish and accent theme yet comprised of an Exterior Insulation Finishing System. The base of the building will be finished with horizontal metal louvers applied to the exterior of the parking garage. This effectively camouflages the openings needed for ventilation and the vehicles parked inside from observers on the outside. The exterior wall at lower level of the garage will be finished concrete stained to match the fiber cement panels.
Connectivity to Manhattan and the towns and cities along the New England coast is maximized by the location at Fairfield’s new train station. FMC is a leader in the emerging trend of transit oriented development, the residents will be able to walk to the new restaurants planned for The concourse building, as well as Black Rocks many offerings. The project is connected to the pedestrian infrastructure of the Metro complex and surrounding nature paths along Ash Creek and easily access able to grocery stores like Whole Foods.

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