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Maritime Lofts

Completion Year: 2007
Program: Mixed use building: Apartments Offices, Retail, Restaurants
Beinfield Project Team: Bruce Beinfield FAIA, James Wassell, Fritz Morris AIA, Seelan Pather, Ellen Malmon AIA and Colin Grotheer
General Contractor: A. Pappajohn Company
Landscape Architect: Wesley Stout Associates

Maritime Yards is a mixed-use development that completes the urban renewal of the Reed-Putnam Design District. The 3.72-acre site includes three buildings that encompass 63 residential condominiums, 30,400 square feet of office space, 4,000 square feet of retail space, and a 4,000 square foot restaurant. Two-hundred parking spaces are located on grade with another 152 spaces on a below-grade garage level. The project objectives involved sensitive integration of new structures into the context of historic mill buildings and the creation of a lively and varied pedestrian-friendly environment.

The buildings echo the scale, materials, and architectural rhythms of their 19th century neighbors, but reinterpret historical details to reflect a 21st century sensibility. The three buildings together create a cohesive community of structures that both relate to each other and the surrounding community but differ enough to hold their identities separate and create a lively and varied skyline.

The buildings line the streets, providing a strong architectural backdrop to a pedestrian-oriented streetscape. The majority of the one hundred and ninety-seven residential units have water views, and over 40% of the cars are located in a below-grade garage level, keeping them out of sight to the units above. A large fountain and outdoor restaurant dining animate a plaza at the corner of Ann Street & Water Street.

The architecture of Maritime Yards is rooted in the timeless beauty of the New England Brick Mill building. The simple rhythm and logic of the brick mill with large industrial sash-style openings is compatible with the current trend towards urban loft living. The design is an abstraction, however, not a literal copy, which allows for the integration of exterior balconies on the residential units, a new feature.

The project fosters a walk-able community with restaurants, shopping and services located within the neighborhood in addition to mixed-use parking efficiencies. In the past ten years SoNo has evolved into one of the most exciting urban neighborhoods in Connecticut. The buildings of Maritime Yards will relate to the rich historic past, but also speak to SoNo’s future as a stylish and livable community.

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