About This Project


Media Barn

Completion Year: 2014
Program: 1700 SF, Single Family Residence
Beinfield Project Team: Bruce Beinfield FAIA, James Wassell, Andrew Bartolotta AIA, Seelan Pather LEED AP
General Contractor: Schmiedeck Construction
Interior Designer: Havilande Whitcomb Design
Landscape Architect: Stephen Stimson Associates
Structural Engineer: Edward Stanley Engineers LLC

“Well Observed” 2016 Departures, Spring: 118-121 pages

Reminiscent of a vernacular barn structure in an abandoned state, this new “reclaimed” structure houses a state of the art theater, sculpture gallery and observatory.  Perched austerely on a hillside with sweeping views into the gardens and meadows, one side opens with an industrial air-craft hangar door allowing further union with the countryside.

The enclosure is minimal, emphasizing the platonic, skeletal space.   The exterior is clad in glass and Cor-Ten Steel in a natural rusted state. Atop sits a rotating aperture-slit dome of galvanized metal used for observing terrestrial or celestial events.

Visitors are greeted by a monumental oak door that floats in its glass façade.  Continuing the mystery and creating a little bit of tension, a mottled black folded plate steel stair, resembling the bellows of an accordion, cantilevers off the wall.  Within the switchback hang clear sheets of polycarbonate, instilling a small sense of security, but remaining precarious. Once ascended, visitors encounter a catwalk crafted in steel and resin panels set within a circular spoked frame evocative of a reel of film which hovers above the gallery below.

Combining the romance of the abandoned farm structure with a sense of folly from an earlier century, the building creates drama within its shell and frames the natural drama without.

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