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Residence on Old Mill Beach

Completion Year: 2006
Program: 4500 sf Single Family House
Beinfield Project Team: Bruce Beinfield FAIA, Mark Goodwin AIA, Arpita Muchhal, Tricia Izzo
General Contractor: Shaw Builders LLC
Landscape Architect: Alice Eckerson
Structural Engineer: David Seymour, PE

Awards & Honors:
2007 American Institute of Architects, Connecticut Chapter
Alice Washburn Award – Honorable Mention

This home is in an island community accessible only by pedestrian bridge over the mouth a tidal mill pond. The beachfront design is meant to recall the original seasonal cottages of the area that spoke of summer. Simple rooflines shelter the building and give it a distinctive form, easily identifiable from a boat on Long Island Sound. The house is oriented to the south for light and panoramic views, and opens up to the water with expansive windows on the rear.

Exterior materials were inspired by Shingle Style architecture. The siding is a combination of cedar shingle, bleached to an aged appearance and cedar shingle painted white with staggered spacing is used to create a visual base to the house. The roof is also cedar shingle, its large expanse interrupted by several simple shed dormers. The massive stone chimneys, exposed rafter tails, gable overhangs and arched recessed front door were also inspired by styles of the last century.

The beach feel is maintained throughout with horizontal wood paneling of varying widths, spaced slightly apart in an attempt to resemble the more casual construction of a vacation cottage. The continuous horizontal pattern helps create a unity among spaces and relates to the panoramic waterfront horizon line.

Floors are reclaimed barn wood sanded to a soft finish while crisp white columns help delineate space within the open plan. The post and beam structure is evident throughout.
The main fireplace is clad in locally-sourced beach stone which also re-appears as floor tile in one of the bathrooms. The color scheme is kept soft and neutral with whitewashed new wood, the soft grey of the aged wood and grey limestone for the kitchen counters and fireplace surrounds.

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