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South Norwalk Railroad Station

Completion Year: 1996
Program: Commercial

1997 “International Parking Institute Design Award for Merit”

Publications: “City Architect Praised for Design of SoNo Station” 1997 The Norwalk Hour: August

In 1994, we were selected by the City of Norwalk to serve as the architectural design consultant for the new South Norwalk Railroad Station and 700 car parking structure, which were being built to replace the existing derelict terminal. This $13 million project received the “International Parking Institute Design Award for Merit” in 1997.
South Norwalk has enacted a Transit Oriented District Masterplan to guide the revitalization of the area around it’s train station. The goal there is to celebrate the historic architecture and diversity of the neighborhood along with it’s great restaurants, and to provide an affordable, authentic, and walkable urban community. Brooklyn is a model of reinvention that a place like SoNo can emulate.

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