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The Novella/

Completion Year: 2015
Program: New Build 24,690 sqft  136 Luxury Apartments
Beinfield Project Team: Bruce Beinfield FAIA, James Wassell, Seelan Pather LEED, Vivie Lee LEED, Jessica Sansevera
General Contractor:
Interior Designer:  Jessica Sansevera
Structural Engineer:  Alliance Structural Engineers, Inc.
Awards: 2017 American Institute of Architects, CT:  Top Honors, Commercial Design

Chapel Street in New Haven Connecticut is the home to some of the country’s most significant works of modern architecture, including the Yale Art Museum designed by Louis Kahn, the British Museum of Art, also designed by Louis Kahn, and the Yale School of Architecture designed by Paul Rudolf. Given those neighbors, The Novella, a 136 unit apartment building had a responsibility to measure up.

Beinfield Architecture and Dean Sakamoto Architects worked in alliance to help the project’s developer, RMS attain the necessary site plan approval and achieve community consensus for the redevelopment of the prominent Chapel-Howe Streets site. The Novella, is a new six-story rental unit apartment building in the Chapel West district of New Haven. In order to build the Novella, the relocation and renovation of a historic house (b. 1905) was required. The house, which was purchased by a Yale senior society, was moved from the Novella’s site to the adjacent lot and renovated. Beinfield Architecture is the designer and architect or record of the Novella. Dean Sakamoto Architects is the architect of record for the move and renovation design of the house to 1255 Chapel Street. This project, fulfills the community’s desire for a new mixed-use residential building as per the Chapel West Special Services District Vision and Strategic Plan authored by Dean Sakamoto Architects (2006).

Community, Mixed-Use
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