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Completion Year: 2015
Program: Connect a house to a barn
Beinfield Project Team: Andrew Bartolotta AIA, James Wassell, Cristian Gonzalez
General Contractor: Schmiedeck Construction
Interior Designer: Havilande Whitcomb Design
Structural Engineer: Edward Stanley Engineers LLC

This project involves the creation of a subterranean landscape that connects a house and a barn in Fairfield County Connecticut. The inspiration for the project which consists of an 800sf, 140 foot long, concrete tunnel, is a wormhole. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity describes wormholes, as a topological feature that would fundamentally be a shortcut across the universe by traveling on the space time relationship. A wormhole is much like a tunnel with two ends, each in separate points in space time.

This wormhole is home to an iridescent slug that radiates light in a broad spectrum of wavelengths from her glowing translucent skin. There are more than 16 million shades of color however; the majorities of those varied hues are beyond the ability of the human eye to see. A testament to the fact that we are imprisoned by our limited senses. The moody nature of this Slug heightens awareness of the basic human emotional responses to color. The foreign aspect of the travel experience through the wormhole, provides a break from the humdrum of the everyday life.

The Theory of Relativity demonstrates that our perceptions are a function of our reference frame, an event that is irrational in one reference frame will become comprehensible when viewed in its proper frame of reference. This wormhole exist outside of typical reference frames. The underlying hope is that this place will enable freedom from a one-dimensional view of reality and teach that if we find our lives unsatisfying we are free to redefine.

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